Wedding Fairs = Design Time!

Posted on Monday, 22 February 2016

A small selection of pieces from our most recent wedding fairs. From a contemporary take on an old classic to various compositions of rustic bases and wild flowers. A seasonal inclusion also proving to be very popular this year is in there too. Unconsciously anticipating the Spring, the season of rebirth, we have immersed ourselves in design hoping to capture the imagination of this years brides with new and original pieces.. Hope you enjoy!


The Classic Red Gran Prix Centerpiece. Not a very common choice in Ireland but a really stunning arrangement. Here we have added our own little twist on it contemporising it just a little. This is also available in various other colors and textures which (being a little more popular) have received great praise from our past brides who have chosen to keep the colors a little more neutral. Although here it is finished with a downlighter & floating rose balanced in the stem this piece can include many variations, designed bespoke to meet the brides theme. We do love the richness of the red Naomi’s and Grand Prix however so for the fairs that was our choice.. With diamante finished Naomi bouquet to match.. 


Here we have a selection of various vessels and containers filled with wild flowers and heathers, composed in what we hope is a very pleasing arrangement. The aesthetic appeal is based on the structured placement of each of the parts and although there is no wrong way of doing so there is a skill to getting it just right. This is a 360 degree arrangement that works from any angle. As a centepiece it stands very proud and illuminates itself and the surrounding table using a selection of suitablely sized and placed pillar candles. The warmth of the candles brings out the organic nature of the piece and the heavily textured bark of the cut branches when lit draw the eye into the piece maybe appealing to our primitive natures.. These pieces can be styled to suit almost any wedding or party and look great in barns and stone walled conversions or against a contrasting drape and lighting.


Opting here for Silver Brich as the raw materials for the pedestals and lowering the design to suit a smaller table we have neurtralised the colors and brought in clear glass and darker glass as the contrast this time instead of vibrant flowers. The use of rustic lanterns with tealight and floral accents against the clean mirror plate create a nice discord allowing the candle light to reflect upwards and create an even warmer ambiance. Multilayering the piece means your eye is constantly working to figure out it’s appeal and so creating a nice talking point for guests around the table.. Again this 360 degree piece is available in numerous colors and styles but here we thought we’d keep it simple and charming.. 


Again a classic arrangement set into a standard silver candelabra.. Here featured with matching bouquet. That looseness of design can look like its just dropped on there but it takes time to know how to find the balance of a candelabra. We see these go wrong on so many occasions when we arrive at a site and its something we feel shouldnt happen. Acknowledging the eye line is important as to is the proximity of the arrangement to the lit candles but also the balance of the design itself. Our preferred styling method is the North/ South / East / West design which is in keeping with the symetry of the candelabra itself.. Set against any backdrop rustic, country or otherwise these can bring out a very natural feel or a very plush feel depending on content to the table. Here we kept it country with the bouquet finished in lace and burlap..  


And then there’s our favourite at the moment! The Cherry Blossom. Finished with log base and upto 20 pillar candles underneath this piece is truly stunning. We would never recommend more than 5-6 per room due to their scale but featured here with the matching hanging lanterns they prove time and time again to be our brides guilty pleasure. Oft times kept a secret from the groom until there dramatic entrance we recieve as many thank you’s from the grooms as we do from the brides believe me.. These pieces look great anywhere and can tie in with any setting and complimented with spotlights they really do steal the show.. 

Well we hope you have enjoyed our work.. There is plenty more to come next week when we visit 2 of the best wedding venues in County Meath.. Watch this space..

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