Not your typical love songs! Here's 5 of our favourite!

Posted on Wednesday, 10 February 2016

It’s February 10th and Valentines Day fast approaches. 4 days to go and most people are blissfully unaware of it. Being florists however, we are surrounded by it long before the actual day arrives, we are numbed as our suppliers scream down the phones to SELL SELL SELL, our focus being drawn towards the commercial aspects rather than the sentiment, our hands sting from the thorns – we don’t even see the roses anymore. The ‘L’ word doesn’t come into it for us but we are reminded of it constantly. Like most people we leave love on the periphery. It’s there alright and usually expressed in a kiss before going to work or a grateful hug after a beautiful meal but it’s certainly not Hollywood style. Stress, long working hours, fatigue all contributing factors. We know this but what can we do to change it? To remind ourselves of just how beautiful it can be..

So today, given the week that it is,  we started to rummage around old records and albums to see could we reinvigorate our senses, remind ourselves of the longing that, although most days is forgotten still lurks under the surface. We wanted to hear what real love sounds like when someone great transforms it into melody. Compositions that pour from the soul at various stages of love, unrepentant, unfiltered and honest to the very last bar. Songs of love! Unrequited? Yes some, but.. Love is not just bliss, it’s pain, its loneliness its fear its all of the above when you almost have it or.. Almost loose it.

So without further ado and in no specific order here are 5 of our favourite love songs here at Magic Moments. 

Leonard Cohen: Chelsea hotel.

A masterpiece. An honest reflection on beautiful times shared with someone very special. An alternate love outside of the traditional forbidding boundaries. In this song Len’ captures the spontaneity, openness & freedom of love. With probably the most honest line you’ll ever hear playing out the song, this is quite simply masterful expression.  We’ve included the link to the extended live version with the prelude to the song. Enjoy!

We couldn’t not include this cover as part of the Chelsea’ story. Beautiful!

Tom Waits: Jersey Girl

“Tom Waits is a pint of Guinness in a Bud Light world” Thats not ours but it fits perfectly.. It’s bang on the money. Definitely a hero of ours Tom very rarely gets it wrong. The face of unconventionality he glides though genres and styles leaving fellow musicians and fans in awe.. Swaggering through contentious topics like politics and death he can bring a chill straight to the bones but here he’s in love! And well.. Listen to the magic! A truly great Lyricist and Composer here he brings the hope, passion and energy into every chord!

David Bowie: Lets Dance.

RIP. Gone but not forgotten. We regularly whip out Bowie’s tracks from our playlists but this is one of our favourite songs to crank up to 10 in the store. It also happens to be a love song. “Of sorts”. Oppression and poverty overcome by free and young love!. Only Bowie can say it like this..

Paulo Nutini: Candy.

For those of you who don’t know his lesser known work check out his cover versions. He’s fantastic, original and has got some voice for a Scot! But this is for us his best song. A tender song that builds and builds it’s filled with despair and angst in the likely hood of coming rejection and he captures it like someone twice his age.. Genius.. The more painful side of love..

Phil Lynott: Still in Love with You.

Heart ache in a song. One of our own and against all odds Phil Lynott rose from the suburbs of Crumlin  to become a musical icon the world over. Born out of wedlock to a single mother life was especially tough for them but Phil stood over 6ft tall and very proud. His “differences” as he once called them gave him perspective and his perspective gave him the genius to write songs like this..  We have included here an alternate version which we love..

Well we hope you enjoy the above tracks, we could have went on and on but.. Time is working against us. We hope that maybe you will share some of yours too and bring light to memories of your own. This Valentines Day in the midst of all the commercialism don’t forget to honor the sentiment.. no matter what we are doing this is definitely what we’ll be listening to whilst doing it..