Just a bit of fun

Posted on Monday, 21 November 2016

HI GUYS, THIS IS FOR YOU! This time we want your input into our next project! - We are going to make a dress but not just any dress a beautiful floral dress "just for the craic!"... And we want you to send us ideas of a dress (any kind of dress doesnt matter) that you would like to see us try to replicate or use as a basis for our design.

Once we have chosen which dress we’re going to do we’d be delighted to invite a lucky few of you to come down and get a professional photo taken our studios here in Lucan.

It’s just a bit of fun but here’s a shot from our Rose of Tralee dress with matching centerpiece - I think you’ll agree it’s definately a great photo to cherish forever. Looking forward to all your crazy, wacky, elegant, fun ideas!! Please spread the word by Sharing..

Stay tuned for more!!