Cherry Blossom Rental Products

Our Cherry Blossom products are completely bespoke. They can't be found anywhere else in the world and have gained recognision as being the highest quality in Ireland with huge demand all over th ecountry. Their unique design captures the imagination of guests all over Ireland and our portfolio of cherry blossom weddings feature in some of Irelands most prestigeous castles, manors & exclusive venues as well as some more modest locations. As a group of designers we constantly strive to design relevant pieces. We make them in small batches so as to keep them exclusive with just one booking per day. We look past the trends and create our own. Great design surpasses trend and sty6le of the day and it offers a timelessness to your event. Our images speak for them selves. Our commitment to designing stunning weddings for our brides is unrivalled by other companies and our testimonials will atest to that. We love our jobs.

Our Cherry Blossom designs illuminate our weddings and events and these products do just that. Exceptional design quality, made to suit any venue these products are about drama and presence. Every piece we make must be remarkable. Our Cherry Blossomo Trees, Arches and Hanging Lanterns are availaible in 2 colors (Ivory & dusty pink) and can be complimented with a variety of bespoke florals and matchinig table centres that can really bring any ceremony or venue to life. We offer full planning service and stay with wyou all the way to your day making sure your table plan is optimised and that your reception room is stunning. Our team will walk you through it and not only design your dream wedding but go far beyond that with their little touches of absolute class.

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